Custom Pizza Boxes

That universally adored dish that brings joy to both the young and the young at heart. In today’s world, pizza doesn’t just come in a one-size-fits-all square box. Oh no, it’s all about variety now, with pizzas of all shapes and sizes gracing our tables. This surge in pizza popularity has naturally led to a demand for more innovative and effective packaging solutions. Enter the world of custom pizza packaging boxes, a game-changer for those looking to deliver their culinary creations in style, safety, and security.

Custom Pizza Boxes

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DimensionsOffered in all custom shapes and sizes
Paper Stock10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
PrintingDigital, Offset (CMYK, PMS) and Screen Printing
CoatingMatte, Glossy, Spot UV, Aqueous Coating and Embossing, Debossing
Default ProcessDie Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation
ExtrasCustom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Flaps, Ribbons, thread handles, PVC Sheet.

Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling(On request)

Turn Around Time

4-6 Business Days, Rush

White Card Stock

Starting from 12pt-24pt end C1S or C2S white paperboard is here for you with endless options with regards to customization.

Kraft-Paper (1)

Kraft/Eco-Friendly Brwon Card Stock​

Made of recycled paper pulp, this stock is unbleached and made for high-quality printing yet very sustainable.

Corrugated Stock

Uncoated and unbleached materials combined to create a material best for shipping and storage.

Texture linen 1

Textured/Linen/Neenah Card Stock

A premium grade paper stock that is introduced to a textured surface.

Rigid board (1)

Rigid Stock

Uncoated and unbleached materials combined to create a material best of shipping and storage.

Foil/Metallic Card Stock

A special material paired with a laminated metallic top side gives the most metallic look and feel to your box.

130 GSM artpaper

ART Paper

texture paper 1

Texture Paper


Moroco Paper

Pearl Stock

Pearl Stock

Kraft Paper Image

Kraft Paper

Holographic Stock

Holographic Stock

Digital Printing

Pantones (PMS)

UV Printing

Metallic Pantones


Pantones (PMS)

Fluorescent Color Inks

Fluorescent Color Inks

Soy Vegetable Based Inks

Soy Vegetable Inks

Oil Based Ink

Oil Based Inks

water base ink

Water Based Inks

Spot Gloss UV

Aquaous Coating

Aquaous Coating

Gloss Lamination

Gloss Lamination

Soft touch

Soft Touch





Spot UV

Spot Gloss UV

Embose and debose




hot foil


Die Cut and PVC Window (1)

PVC Windows



Why Should You Choose Packaging Lane?

We have been creating and producing quality custom boxes for many brands all over the world for a decade to satisfy the packaging need of our customers. We make high-quality boxes that will make your product and brand stand out from the crowd. We have you covered at every step, regardless of your preferences for the boxes, and as a manufacturer, we only charge you wholesale pricing. Our agents are at any point prepared to address all your inquiries in regard to customizations for the packaging. This will guarantee that you receive such stunning boxes at reasonable prices that attract potential buyers’ attention. We care about our customers in a number of ways, including offering free shipping, the quickest turnaround times, and the lowest minimum orders, so that you can save more. To get started on your custom Lip Gloss boxes project, you can get custom quotes to figure out how much your packaging will cost. You can also contact our representative by calling +1 281 899 0992 or emailing us at [email protected].

Custom Pizza Boxes

At Packaging Lane, we’re all about elevating your pizza delivery game. We specialize in offering a wide range of custom pizza packaging boxes, tailored to fit your unique pizza dimensions. Whether you need bulk orders or just a few boxes to start, we’ve got you covered with our extensive selection of ready-to-ship options. But that’s not all – we’re big on customization. Imagine having your brand’s logo or a catchy design printed on your boxes. Our team of skilled designers is here to bring your vision to life, ensuring your pizza not only tastes great but looks great from the outside too. Dive into our diverse collection of pizza box styles and pick the perfect fit for your pizzeria. And guess what? We ship for free, worldwide!

Our secret ingredient for Custom Pizza Boxes?

Now, let’s talk about giving your pizzeria sales a hearty boost. High-quality printed pizza boxes. It’s more than just a box; it’s your brand’s first impression, a teaser of the deliciousness that lies within. With us, you’re not just ordering boxes; you’re crafting an experience. Choose from a variety of finishing touches and embellishments to make your pizza boxes truly stand out. Elevate your pizza packaging and watch as your sales soar. With Packaging Lane, it’s not just about delivering pizza; it’s about delivering an experience.

Here’s how you can make your pizza boxes not just containers, but a part of your brand’s charm:

Dive into the world of custom pizza box finishes and add-ons that will take your pizza presentation to the next level.

  • Glossy Finish: Give your boxes a vibrant, shiny look that catches the eye. This option ensures your brand shines, quite literally, making your pizza boxes impossible to overlook.
  • Matte Finish: For those aiming for an understated elegance, the matte finish offers a sophisticated appearance. It’s the go-to choose for conveying a sense of refinement and quality.
  • UV Spot Treatment: Want to spotlight certain features on your box, like your logo or a special message? The UV spot treatment makes specific elements pop, adding depth and interest to your design.
  • Foil Stamping: Elevate your boxes with a touch of luxury. Foil stamping adds a metallic flair, making your brand stand out with a premium feel.

And for those extra touches that make all the difference

  • Embossing/Debossing: Make your logo or brand name jump off the box, quite literally, with embossing. Or, for a subtle, tactile experience, go with debossing. Both options add a layer of sophistication and brand recognition.
  • Window Die-Cut: Let your pizza show off itself with a window die-cut. This peek-a-boo feature entices customers with a glimpse of the deliciousness inside, sparking cravings at first sight.

Tell us your vision, and let our packaging experts work their magic. Designing the perfect pizza box has never been easier or more exciting!

Dive Into the World of Custom Pizza Boxes with Your Brand’s Signature:

At Packaging Lane, our forte lies in crafting exceptional custom packaging solutions. Whether you’re looking for pizza boxes, bakery cases, or any other food packaging, we’ve got an array of options. Our custom-printed pizza boxes are a game-changer, drawing the eyes of your patrons and making your brand a household name.

Our commitment extends to creating eco-conscious, bespoke pizza boxes that shield your gourmet creations from moisture and external elements. We aim for two key outcomes with our packaging solutions: amplifying your brand’s presence and safeguarding your offerings. Embrace our exquisitely designed pizza boxes to not only preserve your pizzas but also to elevate your brand’s image. Witness a significant uptick in sales with our robust, green, and visually appealing pizza packaging solutions!

Ensuring Your Pizzas Stay Piping Hot and Delectably Fresh:

We engineer our pizza boxes with precision, incorporating ventilation holes to ensure your pizzas remain crisp and delicious, avoiding the dreaded sogginess during transit. This thoughtful feature guarantees that your customers will relish every slice of your pizza, fostering loyalty and repeat visits to your establishment.

Elevate Your Pizza Experience with Top-Notch Empty Pizza Boxes:

The pizza itself is only part of the equation – the unboxing experience can be just as pivotal. Envision your customers unveiling their pizza in a box that’s not only functional but a feast for the eyes, perfect for sharing on social media or during live streams. Our premium blank pizza boxes serve not merely as containers but as a canvas to make your brand stand out. With sleek designs that leave a lasting impression, our boxes transform every delivery into a celebration of flavor and flair. opt for our high-quality printed pizza boxes and let your customers indulge in both the taste and the presentation, elevating their experience to new heights.

Choosing the Perfect Packaging Material for Your Pizzas:

Understanding the importance of durable and protective packaging for your delicious pizzas is key. That’s why we boast an impressive selection of top-notch packaging materials, ensuring your pizzas are well-preserved and presented. Each material is chosen to meet diverse needs and preferences, enabling a tailored packaging solution for your brand.

Explore Our Variety of Material Options:

  • Cardboard: Known for its strength, lightness, and sustainability, cardboard is a fantastic eco-friendly choice for pizza boxes. It’s recyclable, making it a responsible option for the environment.
  • Paperboard: Esteemed for its premium quality, paperboard is a go-to for food packaging, offering robustness and a sleek presentation.
  • Corrugated Material: For those pizzas on the move, corrugated material stands out as the ideal choice, providing extra protection during delivery.
  • Kraft Paper: Championing eco-conscious packaging, Kraft paper is another environmentally friendly option for crafting pizza boxes, promoting sustainability without compromising on quality.

Each of these materials offers the perfect combination of durability and flexibility, ensuring your pizzas not only taste great but also arrive in style.

Enjoy Free Shipping and No Additional Costs at Packaging Lane!

Dive into a hassle-free shipping experience with Packaging Lane, where shipping comes at no extra charge. Say goodbye to die and plate charges, and welcome a world with no hidden costs. We guarantee swift, safe, and cost-free delivery right to your doorstep. What’s more, we’re excited to offer complimentary 3D design assistance, ensuring your packaging dreams are transformed into reality.

Boost your pizzeria’s appeal on a budget with our affordable pizza box offerings. Ideal for small pizzerias eager to expand their market presence without overspending on advertising. We’re here to support your needs, regardless of order size – from modest orders to bulk, from rectangular to standard pizza boxes, we have everything you need.

Eager to place your order? Get in touch with our team at +1(281) 899-0992 or drop us an email at [email protected]. Your custom pizza boxes are just a phone call or email away. Let us help you take your pizza packaging to the next level!

Discover the Advantages of Our Custom Pizza Boxes:

Opting for custom pizza boxes wholesale from Packaging Lane means enjoying not just competitive pricing, but also a suite of exceptional benefits tailored for our valued customers.

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