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Custom Vape Gift Boxes

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One of the successful marketing techniques is making customized Vape Packaging. It is a common practice that the audience usually gets attracted to a proper and well-presented packaging box more than the product inside it. Therefore, try using Packaging Bee’s services for standing out in the market. At Packaging Bee, our clients can easily discuss their packaging demands, needs, and our experts make sure the requirements are met completely. The customer care is available 24/7 to cater to your inquiries. We understand the goals of our clients as it is our goal to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere, for the perfect display of your product through your own designing, style, and method.

As Vape is gaining momentum among the masses, companies producing it are getting into competition of who will be winning the game. Well, it is obvious that the one with all the slots checked will be on the top. One of the major secrets of getting the top rank lies in Vape Packaging. There is no hard and fast rule for making an excellent packaging except for hiring the expert as they would be doing all the work and you can relax at home in your comfortable space. Packaging Bee is your go-to destination for all the right reasons.


Vapes includes e-liquid, which is made out of CBD (Cannabidiol), making the product sensitive for shipping and local use as well. Therefore, the packaging material is required to be not just perfect but also strong. Packaging Bee ensures its clients of proper material usage for custom vape packaging such as:

  • Card Stock

Cardstock is one of those materials that are used for all sorts of packaging except for shipping. It is also known as pasteboard and cover stock in the market. Card stock is relatively reasonable material and slightly thicker than standard paper. Ranging from 14pt for cosmetics and foods, whereas it is 12pt for lightweight products. Card stock can prove to be a good option for your custom printed vape packaging.

  • Rigid

The rigid material is made by combining paper board and card stock. The combination makes its minimum thickness to around 32pt. They are mostly made for the local usage Vape boxes, but if the boxes are to be transferred internationally, rigid material is preferably used for mailer boxes.

  • Eco-Friendly Kraft

Eco-Friendly Kraft are used for all box types except for shipping. As the name suggests, they are eco-friendly, meaning recyclable and biodegradable. Ranges from 14pt to 22pt, making the material perfect for vape packaging.

  • Corrugated

Among many materials, corrugated is the type that is used mainly for shipping. It is made up of linerboards that are made of paperboard and cardboard. The flutes in the corrugated boxes are of many types like A Flute, B Flute, C Flute, E Flute, and F Flute; the choice of flute depends on the weight of the Vape. Vape is made by you, and the packaging is done by us to complete the whole process. We provide the unmatchable wholesale vape packaging rates.

The story does not end here, we not just give you the choice & suggestion for selecting the material, we also have the manufacturing styles to decide what method would be perfect for your product, the styles include the following:

  • Flat Box

Flat boxes are 100% corrugated cardboard packaging style. Recyclable and good choice for shipping products. If you think, flat box would be a better choice for your Vape packaging, then go ahead and give us a call.

  • Gluing

The gluing style includes the usage of adhesive to hold together the product. It is the best manufacturing method for the products that are moveable and sensitive. Since Vape involves e-liquid and you are cautious kind, do not worry; we have got you covered.


To put it in simple words, Packaging Bee is a flexible company, offering its clients the choice of deciding the size and shape of their product packaging. This trait of ours makes us unique and different from the rest. One of our missions is to provide comfort to the client so that they not just easily share their requirements with our team but also experience a different kind of experience like never before.

As far as the designs are concerned, we do not leave you alone here as well. You are free to select the design that best suits your product packaging, and our work starts after your choice! We offer the following designs:

  • Tuck-end Box

Tuck-end boxes are readily available in three types, namely 1 2 3 bottom boxes or Auto-lock bottom box, front-end box, and reverse-end box. For vape packaging, the tuck-end box is a good idea.

  • Sleeve Box

Sleeve Box is one of the few boxes that Packaging Bee constructs. You can add as many sleeves as possible to vape packaging for improving its outlook.

  • Two-Piece Box

As the name suggests, they are two-piece box with two separate pieces. If you want to send vape as a gift to somebody, packaging Bee would be happy to send you a well-made Two-piece box.

  • Mailer Box

They are also called subscription boxes. To be precise, they look exactly like the pizza box that you ordered last night. Fitting the vape inside the mailer box would be an exciting thing, would you like to try this adventure?

  • Display Box

They are the boxes that you see mostly in the malls, retail stores, or convenience stores. They have 1 2 3 bottom display lid, auto bottom display with lid, four corners with display lid, double wall with display lid, and taper style with double-wall lid. If you are thinking of advertising vape in the new area, the display box serves the right purpose.

  • Seal-end Box

Seal-end boxes are like the auto-lock bottom tuck-end box. They keep the product intact and safe within. They are the perfect kind for sending the product to a distant friend or family. Packaging Bee excels in making great vape packaging following the seal-end box type.


The packaging is never complete without a perfect coating. Every product requires a special coating for its packaging but different from the rest. Our company provides two main types of coatings to our clients, these are:

  • Gloss Coating

Would you like to add a little shine or shimmer to the packaging? If yes, then Gloss Coating is what you are asking. If you want your Vape box to stand out, go for the gloss coating.

  • Matte Coating

Matte does not shine like the Gloss coating, but it too has a special, delicate touch to the vape packaging. Not all products are made for one kind of coating.

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